Gessen Law Firm was founded in 2000 and since then we have made serious reputation in legal advising. Twenty years’ experience of much-publicized cases as well as numerous successful resolutions is the clear evidence of our expertise in law and professionalism of our legal experts.

During this time we have built a broad long-term client base, most clients appoint Gessen Law Firm to represent them again and again. The trust of our clients proves our reliability, stability and ethic professional standards in our work.

Gessen Law Firm specializes in dealing with hard cases, our practice includes the cases adjudicated successfully despite their reputation of inherently unsolvable.

Our work is fully based on the principles of absolute confidentiality, expert knowledge in law and trust. We are guided by the ethics practiced by the Russian Bar in the19th and the beginning of the 20th century, combined with perfect understanding of the modern legal reality.

Gessen Law Firm advises private businesses in the following practice areas: Civil Law, Corporate Law, Tax, Customs Law and Administrative Law protecting our clients’ interests in commercial disputes and representing them before the State bodies.

It should be noted that Gessen Law Firm provides legal advice to the individuals as an exceptional case only, basing on absolute confidentiality and mutual trust.

Our sound reputation, success in dispute resolutions, adherence to our ethic code, the qualification of our attorneys and lawyers are our best testimonials. Here it is known for certain that expertise in law, as well as fair law enforcement, are the proof of it.